April 28, 2013

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March 30, 2010

Stephenie Meyer and her 5th book "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner"

Stephenie Meyer's fifth Twilight Book
Stephenie Meyer announces "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner", her fifth Twilight book but this time, for free! It will be released on June 5. The book is about Bree Tanner, the last vampire killed in Victoria's army. Remember her? She was the one who was spared by the Cullens after the Eclipse war. Having seen fear and doubt in Bree's eyes, the Cullens decided to save her.

She was also the one who asked how the Cullens could stand around and resist Bella when her sweet, virgin blood is a vampire's treat. The Cullens then tried to talk to her that it is possible and she could imitate their way of living as well. They would help her. This gave me an idea that the ever good Cullens were willing to adopt her. Until the Volturis arrived. Jane inflicted pain on her, death eventually. Then, burned her.

I am so curious on why Stephenie Meyer chose a very minor character to show another side of the Eclipse story. This is the book she told years ago that would replace Midnight Sun, the Twilight version in Edward's voice and perspective. But as we all know, she discontinued it because it was leaked and she was disappointed. But gracious as ever, she shared the half-baked writings of Midnight Sun on her website so her fans won't feel guilty on reading a leaked copy.

Well, can't wait for the book! I'm sure this will be another treat to Twilight fans! I am always disappointed with the silver-screen versions :(

The book can also be bought in hard copy. A dollar of the amount goes to the American Red Cross for the relief efforts in Haiti, Chile, and other countries.

Stephenie's message to fans about Bree Tanner
The Book 's Cover and Official Website
Yahoo news on Bree Tanner book

March 26, 2010

How to Configure Proxy Settings on Google Chrome for SmartBro UnliSurf

Last week, Smartbro sent notifications through text that there will be an UnliSurf on March 26 if the user loads on March 22-24. Since there is no harm in trying, I reloaded my SmartBro and waited for Friday. You could only assume how excited I was for Friday to come ;)

Fresh yet tired from all in a day's work on Friday night, I plugged on my Smartbro USB. The internet connection extended to only thirty minutes. Thankfully, a window that displays the forum about this UnliSurf was still open. I then went back to the Symbianize forum which tells me to configure my phone SIM instead. So I did.

It only configures the Mozilla and Safari web browser but still, I tried on my favorite browser, Google Chrome. These are the steps I did:

From the Tools menu, select Options.

Make sure to select the Under the Hood tab. Select Change Proxy Settings.

Select Smart Buddy. Select Settings.

Input the values shown in the image above. And there you go!
If the text on the image is blurry, plz go to the Symbianize forum to know the values. ;)

 That's UnliSurf for Google Chrome users ;)

2009 Philippines Bar Exam Results: Top Ten Topnotchers

Out of the 5,903 examiners, and from them, 1451 passed. Now, the top 10 passers are as follows:

1. Reinier Paul R. Yebra - San Beda College - 84.80% 
2. Charlene Mae C. Tapic - San Beda College - 84.60%
3. Lim, John Paul T. - Ateneo de Manila University - 84.50%
4. Lagos, Caroline P. - University of the Philippines - 84.40%
5. Tan, Eric David C. - Ateneo de Manila University- 84.05%
6. Gonzalez, Yves-Randolph P.- Ateneo de Manila University-83.90%
7. To, Joan Mae S. - Ateneo de Manila University - 83.65%
8. Bagro III, Herminio C.- University of the Philippines - 83.40%
9. Lumauig, Timothy Joseph N. - Ateneo de Manila University- 83.20%
10. Bainto, Naealla Rose M.- Ateneo de Manila University - 83.10%
10 .Go, Sheila Abigail O.- Ateneo de Manila University - 83.10%

Congratulations future lawmakers or justice defenders! 

2009 Philippines Bar Exam Results: 1,451 out of 5,903 passed

The 2009 Philippines Bar Result is finally out. It is worthy to note that in the previous bar exams, Majesty Eve Jala, a Boholana made it to the top ten passers. What a pride to all of us, Boholanos! I hope this year sees another Boholano achievement. ;)

The top ten passers or the highly-acclaimed topnotchers are not still released but you can watch out for that in this PRC website: http://www.prcboardexams.com/2010/03/top-10-phil-bar-exams-2009/

As quoted from Inquirer.net, please read on for a more factual information:

MANILA, Philippines – (UPDATE 2) A total of 1,451 out of 5,903 examinees from 108 law schools nationwide passed the 2009 Bar examinations, Associate Justice Antonio Eduardo Nachura announced Friday.
Nachura, chairman of the 2009 Bar examinations committee, said this represented 24.58 percent of the total number.
The announcement came after the high court’s en banc session where Nachura presented the result.
Nachura said the passing rate was lowered from 75 percent to 71 percent while the disqualification grade in Taxation was lowered from 49 percent to 45 percent.
In the last decade, the highest passing rate was posted in 2001 at 32.89%, while the lowest was in 2002 at 19.68%. The highest passing percentage of all time was in 1954 at 75.17%, while the lowest was in 1999 with 16.59%.
The passing percentage for this year was higher compared to last year’s 20.58 percent or 1,310 out of 6,364.
The 2009 Bar exams was also the first time that two examiners were designated in each of the eight subjects. Thus, every Bar subject was divided into two parts.
The 2-examiner policy was adopted by the high court after the Committee on Legal Education and Bar Matters approved the proposal of lawyer Ma. Cristina B. Layusa, deputy clerk of Court and Bar Confidant, to designate two examiners per Bar subject, pursuant to Paragraph 4, Part B of Bar Matter No. 1161.
The Court conducts the Bar examinations pursuant to Article VIII, Sec. 5 of the Constitution which provides that it shall have the power to promulgate rules governing the admission to the practice of law.
The Rules of Court provide that “a candidate may be deemed to have passed his examination successfully if he has obtained a general average of 75% in all subjects without falling below 50% in any subject.”
In determining the average, subjects in the examinations are given the following relative weights: Political and International Law, 15%; Labor and Social Legislation, 10%; Civil Law, 15%; Taxation, 10%; Mercantile Law, 15%; Criminal Law, 10%; Remedial Law, 20%; and Legal Ethics and Practical Exercises, 5%, for a total of 100%.
This year’s examiners were lawyers Sixto S. Brillantes, Jr. and Jeremy I. Gatdula (Political and International Law); Court of Appeals (CA) Justice Vicente S.E. Veloso and lawyer Pablo R. Cruz (Labor and Social Legislation); Justice Alicia V. Sempio-Diy (retired) and Court Administrator Zenaida N. Elepaño (retired) (Civil Law); Court of Tax Appeals (CTA) Presiding Justice Ernesto D. Acosta and lawyer Edwin R. Abella (Taxation); CA Justice Ramon Paul L. Hernando and lawyer Hector Danny D. Uy (Mercantile Law); Sandiganbayan Justice Edilberto G. Sandoval and CA Justice Mario V. Lopez (Criminal Law); Sandiganbayan Justice Alexander G. Gesmundo and CA Justice Magdangal M. De Leon (Remedial Law); and Sandiganbayan Justice Samuel R. Martires and CA Justice Noel G. Tijam (Legal Ethics and Practical Exercises).

How this May 2010 Elections can be Different from the Previous? From A Noynoy supporter's Point of View

If you are not voting for Noynoy Aquino, I assume that it is because you find him incompetent, shy, new, and (let's face it), because of Kris Aquino (hey, I have nothing against her ok?). But lend me you ears (or eyes for this reading matter) to urge you to look at this man OBJECTIVELY and just who he really is, minus the blinding color of yellow, her sister's imeldific diva-ness, and the surveys.

Two years ago, he won the senatorial post, which relates so much to the genes that he was passed on. Much has been said that he has accomplished nothing, has filed no bill, just sits a lot in his chair, and has proven nothing, and is just silent.

People of the Philippines, let's not be quick to judge. Have we forgotten that we are more often than not, swayed by the politician's endless promises and talks on TV? Have we forgotten that we have voted for someone who turned out the opposite as we imagine them to be? I for once voted for Arroyo. Yes, I did. With sheer confidence and utmost hope, I cast a vote for the lady whom I saw as strong, will-powered, intelligent, and the product of the second people power revolution. Well, it turns out I was not mistaken for right now, she is still that iron lady I imagined her to be... strong enough to  ignore the people's cries, will-powered enough to go with her corrupt decisions, intelligent enough to run the country while running her own wealth.

But if you can't help it, look further. We have other presidentiables whom we can research about.

Times have changed. It always does. But the elections stay the same..and the politicians as well. Jingles here, banners there.. and their faces on TV, paper, and on our fences, and even on Facebook! You saw that ad, right? Well, the campaign strategy never changed, it only improvised thru the internet and mobile.  But maybe that shouldn't be the case with our voting decisions. I believe that we have learned our lessons...

We should start with ourselves.

You might be rolling your eyes by now and say, hey I've read that somewhere. gotcha, what a cliche!

Yeah, maybe it became a cliche because along with it are the truth and honesty ..it has become a classic. If we were swayed by the politician's sweetness and spontaneity yesterday, then we should taste the sourness and reality today in order to have a better perspective. Tips! I am not expert or something but why not try these?

1. Instead of researching for your candidates' portfolio (which I'm pretty sure you've done already, have you?), why not research about his issues, scandals, and anomalies? And whoever gets the least, wins!

2. Don't believe the ads on TV, radio, internet, and paper. I mean, does anybody still believe them? I hope not.

3. Listen, stop, and look. When everybody's talking about who they'll vote for, you also get a brand new  perspective on why they chose Mr.X and Ms. Y as their mayor, president, or barangay kapitan. If a certain standpoint has convinced you of their decision, stop... you might try not saying YES right away. Then look... am i gonna vote for him too because i was swayed by my friend's decision?

4. Who are the allies of your eyed candidate? Gloria, Willie, or Kris, or Bitoy..or whoever.  It is more likely that the people who surrounds and supports your candidate now (financially) are the ones who can jeopardize him if ever he wins. And if those people are impossible to be erased from the scene, at least try to judge mentally if your candidate is capable (or not) of compromising the citizens' welfare over utang na loob from someone who 'cared' during the campaign. period.

5. Let's face it..it is the face! The face speaks a lot even if the candidate is not speaking. So behind the calm face, does a fury hide? Behind the jaundice aura, is there a dark horizon? And above all, behind those eyes, can we see a honest, ideal, honorable candidate? No, assurance can not be guaranteed for our generation has been carrying uncertainties ever since. SO see beyond the face.

So how can this May 10 2010 elections be different from the previous ones? Let us start with ourselves. How we behaved on voting six years ago must be changed. 

 I guess I have gone off-topic to the highest level. I said I'm gonna talk about Noynoy but instead, this talk has gone to a general point of view. And this post is getting longer so let me bring this urgent message and take you back from what you were busy with before you were reading my murmurs. See Noynoy for who he really is.. not as the only son of Ninoy and Cory, not as the brother of Kris, and not as the country's only hope (!!!) for all Filipinos carry this responsibility.

See him as the senator who passed a bill that outlines a clear process for Police operations that will provide transparency in every transaction/investigation and elimiate/lessen corruption along the way.  Let's not burden him to be Ninoy's and Cory's living legacy, because he can never be them. If you are still not voting for Ninoy because he's incompetent, shy, and blah-blah-blah, maybe your candidate deserves your vote a lot. And I hope every Filipino does ;)

Showtime is Suspended Again for One Month - MTRCB

ABS-CBN Showtime is once again suspended for one month by MTRCB in relation to Osang’s comments aired on January 4 and 7, 2010.

Osang: “Huwag kayo makukuntento sa mga itinuturo ng libro at ng teacher. Kung magtatanong kayo, hindi masama iyon. Dahil ang mga teacher, they were just repeaters. Tinuturo lang nila kung ano ang itinuro sa kanila. Hindi na nila itinuturo kung ano ang gusto malaman ng mga bata," she said.

Osang was removed from the show but the suspension went on.

Magpasikat will also be suspended. It is the show that replaced Showtime temporarily for a week when the latter show was not on air.

As quoted from ABSCBN news:

The MTRCB also directed the filing of criminal charges against Florida Tan, ABS-CBN vice-president for programming, and other officers "responsible for the violation."

The MTRCB’s decision is not yet final but states “effective immediately”.

Condolence to the Montano Family: Cesar's son commit suicide

It is with shock that I read Inquirer's feed on Christian Angelo Manhilot’s suicide report (part 3). It reported that Angel went home at their Batasan Hills home around 3am today and the house helpers heard a gunshot an hour later. A .45 and a hang-up phone was nearby his lifeless body.

Cesar Montano, the father, heard the news while launching a campaign for the coming May 10 elections. He is running for governor in his home province. He requested the media for some privacy and no further investigation as the family is trying to deal with the family’s grief.

Angelo is Cesar’s eldest child and his son from his first marriage. The 23-year-old, moreno, low-profile son of Cesar seems to be a caring older brother to Cesar’s three daughters with Sunshine Cruz as I saw them at Loboc Floating Restaurant once. This was during Cesar and Sunshine’s troubled marriage times and Cesar just maybe want to unwind with his children in his hometown.

Condolence to the Montano family and all Boholano’s hearts surely sympathize with you as you are a proud and humble kababayan to all of us.

Stories from PEP:

March 25, 2010

ABS-CBN's ShowTime Suspended for Month of April 2010

The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) Phillipines recently issued another suspension for Showtime, ABS-CBN's high-rated noontime show that is hosted by Anne Curtis, Vhong navarro, and Ted Corpus.

The announced suspension is the second time for the show. The first suspension was caused by Miss Rosanna "Osang" Roces comments on the Filipino teachers This time, the reason is still unknown but ABS-CBN will make a statement today.

This information came from Angel Locsin's retweet on ABS-CBN's tweet itself.

abscbnkapamilya: MTRCB's new decision: Suspend SHOWTIME for 1 month.

143redangel: What??!? - RT @abscbnkapamilya: MTRCB's new decision: Suspend SHOWTIME for 1 month.

Regarding Showtime- bakit daw?☹ RT @abscbnkapamilya: @143redangel  -there was a committee hearing. the decision came out today.

The Sense of Motherhood

Motherhood is a rank that equals every woman.

Being a lazy bookworm, I think I have read that quote somewhere but forgot exactly where. But it had stayed with me ever since. My childhood mind could not grasp the meaning yet and I think even now, I still could not.  Somehow, it possesses a sort-of-mnemonic quality that I can't help but appreciate more. It makes me appreciate my mother more.

When I was getting home from work, I met a lady who was carrying a child who was always crying. And the lady was sitting beside me in the jeepney. The child turned her back to her mother, so the child was directly facing to me. The baby must have been a girl, she was wearing earrings and you could tell from the features. Still, she was crying and reaching out her tiny, little, pinkish hands to me. I think the tiny little thing was scared from the jeepney's speed and roars. I could not do anything lest the mother think I'm a weird stranger trying to touch her baby. All I could do is stare at the crying child and wishfully hope that they should have rid a taxi where the baby would be comfortable.

I could be the little tiny thing that my mother held when I was still a baby. Oh what sacrifices should a mother offer to provide her child with what it deserves! I could only assume. Taking care of myself financially, physically, and emotionally while living alone in Cebu even causes me so much stress, what more if there was someone who is dependent to me and whom I am responsible for? Then, I appreciated my mother more and more.

Somehow, my mama's love, strength, and courage gives me a glimpse on the essential core of the quote that has been always at the back of my mind. Motherhood is a rank. It is a possession, a personality, a role, and something that defines who you are. And whether a mother is a plain housewife, a corporate executive, a teacher, farmer, businesswoman... motherhood binds them in a common ground: their family.

I love you mom! Always have. Always will.